MR_predictor is a free, open-source simulation engine designed to guide the development and interpretation of statistical tests of causality between phenotypes using genetic instruments. MR_predictor provides a framework to model either individual traits or complex scenarios where multiple phenotypes are correlated or dependent on each other.

MR_predictor can incorporate the effects of multiple, independent, biallelic loci contributing genotypic variability to one or more simulated phenotypes. The software has a range of options for sample generation, including ascertainment of a user-specified number cases under a disease model. The output files generated by MR_predictor port into commonly-used analysis tools (e.g., PLINK, R), facilitating a range of analyses germane for Mendelian Randomization studies.

MR_predictor is currently implemented in PERL. The package is currently designed for the UNIX/Linux operating environment.

MR_predictor is a development project by Benjamin F. Voight, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Genetics at the University of Pennsylvania – Perelman School of Medicine.

Support to implement, develop, and improve the machinery was provided by: