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Lab Members
Ben Voight

Associate Professor
Paul Babb

Sr. Research Investigator
Anthropology [Joined 07/2012]
Kim Lorenz

Genetics [Joined 04/2015]
Diana Cousminer

Post-doctoral Researcher
Joint with Struan Grant
Genetics [Joined 09/2015]
Chris Thom

Fellow, Neonatal-Perinatal
Medicine, CHOP
[Joined 09/2017]
Katerina Gawronski

Graduate Student
Joint with Casey Brown
CAMB - GGR [Joined 04/2016]
Kelsey Johnson

Graduate Student
CAMB - GGR [Joined 07/2014]

Katie Siewert

Graduate Student
GCB [Joined 06/2014]
Onur Yörük

Graduate Student
GCB [Joined 05/2016]
Former Students and Lab Alumni
Name When Where Now?
Peter Yin [UG] 05/2013 - 06/2015 Now at Zymergen.
Varun Aggarwala [PhD] 06/2012 - 08/2016 Post-doc, Bushman Lab (Univ. of Penn)
David Nicholson [UG] 06/2014 - 09/2016 GCB PhD Student (Univ. of Penn)
Rachael "Rocky" Aikens 06/2015 - 09/2017 Biom. Informatics PhD Student (Stanford)
Previous Student Rotations
Name Date Role
Varun Aggarwala Winter 2012 Graduate Student - GCB
Erik Clarke Fall 2012 Graduate Student - GCB
Sumeet Khetarpal Spring 2013 Graduate Student - CAMB/GGR
Peter Yin Summer 2013 Undergraduate (UPenn)
Katie Siewert Summer 2013 Graduate Student - GCB
Kelsey Johnson Fall 2013 Graduate Student - CAMB/GGR
David Nicholson Summer 2014 Summer Undergraduate Intern - SUIP
Rena Zheng Fall 2014 Visiting MD/PhD Scholar
Jenn Cohen Spring 2015 Graduate Student - CAMB/GGR
Niambi Brewer Spring 2015 Graduate Student - CAMB/GGR
Rocky Aikens Summer 2015, 2016 Summer Undergraduate Intern - CTSA, SUIP
Onur Yörük Summer 2015 Graduate Student - GCB
Linda Zhou Summer 2015 Graduate Student - MD/PhD
Katerina Gawronski Fall 2015 Graduate Student - CAMB/GGR
Caleb Radens Spring 2016 Graduate Student - CAMB/GGR
Jim Zheng Fall 2016 Undergraduate (UPenn) - Comp. Bio.
Chris Thom Spring 2015, 2016 Visitng MD/PhD Scholar
Amanda Ackermann Summer 2017 CHOP MD/PhD - MTR Rotation
Alexandra Lee Fall 2017 Graduate Student - GCB

Lab Outings

August 8th, 2017: Candidate shot of a summer outing with the lab.