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Research Opportunities

The lab has a variety of positions open for new students, technicians, and young scientists who are interested in developing computational approaches which translate discoveries from human genetics into insights about the biological basis and genetic architecture of human disease, the history of human evolution, and sequencing genomics activities in non-human species. See the Research page for examples of project areas which are a focus of my lab operations.

If you are interested in exploring potential opportunities, please email a current CV and indicate if you are interested in a specific position or have a more general question about job opportunities.

Post-Doctoral Positions

I have openings for computational post-doctoral positions immediately available in the lab.

Projects in the lab focus on understanding the genetic basis of type 2 diabetes and heart disease, causal inference studies in the Million Veteran's Program, methods for the analysis of functional genomics data, computational models that capture and predict the rate of mutation across the human genome, genomics studies of spider silk genes.

Compelling, competitive salaries can be offered, concomitant with experience. See the following job postings for additional details and instructions to apply:

Graduate Student Positions

For the coming academic year [Summer 2018 - Spring 2019], I welcome graduate students for rotation in the lab. Ideal students will have a strong background in computational sciences, and projects will be built around human genetic data, bioinformatic applications, statisical genetic analysis, epidemiology, and/or population and systems biology.