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Upcoming Talks
Date Event
Jun 2018 Center for Environmental Toxicology Symposium, Philadelphia PA, USA.
Teaching, Completed, and Upcoming Workshops
Date Attendees Host Event
Spring 2013-Present 40+ University of Pennsylvania - School of Medicine CIS/MTR/GCB535 Introduction to Bioinformatics.
Spring 2014 40+ University of Pennsylvania - School of Medicine Lecturer for BIOL015 The Biology of Human Disease.
Aug 2012, 2013 Many University of Pennsylvania - School of Medicine Lecturer for Genetic Foundations of Disease [Genetics course for Medical Students].
July 2011 40 Slim Initiative in Genomic Medicine for the Americas (SIGMA) Project Genetic Analysis Workshop [2 day Workshop]. Jointly organized and led with Chris Cotsapas.
Previous Talks and Public Appearances (since 2011)
Date Event
Nov 2017 Center for Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics Seminar Series, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
Oct 2017 Annual Meeting for the American Society of Human Genetics, Orlando, FL
Oct 2017 Penn Cardiovascular Institute Seminar Series, Philadelphia PA
Sep 2017 Five Points Seminar Series, New York Genome Center, NYC, NY
Aug 2017 Bioinformatics Seminar Series, GlaxoSmithKline, King of Prussia, PA
Jun 2017 77th Annual Meeting for the American Diabetes Association, San Diego, CA
Feb 2017 Genome Sciences Seminar Series, University of Virginia
Dec 2016 PQG Seminar, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Oct 2016 Vanderbilt Genetics Institute Seminar Series, Vanderbilt University
Jun 2016 Institute for Personalized Medicine seminar Series, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai
May 2016 UCLA Seminar Series
Mar 2016 CIHR – Strategic Training for Advanced Genetic Epidemiologyy, International Speaker Seminar Series, University of Toronto, Canada
Jan 2016 New York Area Population Genomics Workshop, Princeton University
Dec 2015 Department of Genetics Seminar Series, Yale University
Nov 2013 The Genomics of Metabolism, Copenhagen, Denmark
Jun 2013 73rd Annual American Diabetes Association Meeting, Chicago, IL
Mar 2013 American Heart Association Epi|NPAM Councils' Spring Conference, New Orleans, LA
Jan 2013 Information Services Town Hall Meeting, Philadelphia, PA
Dec 2012 Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty (ASEF) Luncheon, Philadelphia, PA
Nov 2012 University of Pennsylvania - 2012 Genetics Symposium, Philadelphia, PA.
Nov 2012 62nd American Society Human Genetics Conference, San Francisco, CA.
Oct 2012 University of Vermont - Department of Biology Seminar Series
Oct 2012 University of Pennsylvania - IDOM-CVI Symposium. "Obesity, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease: Concepts and Challenges."
Sep 2012 UPenn Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research Seminar Series
May 2012 Penn Center for Bioinformatics and Genomics and Computational Biology Graduate Group 2012 Retreat, Philadelphia, PA.
May 2012 Session Co-Chair and Speaker: The Biology of Genomes, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY.
Jan 2012 Medical Population Genetics Seminar Series, The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, Cambridge, MA.
Oct 2011 Joint 7th International Congress of Human Genetics and 61st American Society of Human Genetics Conference, Montreal, Canada.
July 2011 Slim Initiative in Genomic Medicine for the Americas (SIGMA) Project Workshop, Mexico City, Mexico.
May 2011 European Human Genetics Conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
May 2011 1st Annual Illumina American Scientific Summit, Clearwater Beach, Florida.