WHAMM!: Whole-Genome Homozygosity Analysis and Mapping Machina WHAMM...!
Latest WHAMM release is v0.14 (03-Nov-2008)

Whole-Genome Homozygosity Analysis and Mapping Machina

Introduction | Basics | Download | Commands | Usage | Input | Output | Association | Summaries | Permutations | Imputations | FAQ

1. Introduction

2. Basic information

3. Download and general notes

4. Command reference table

5. The Model, Usage, and Pipeline 6. Input Files and Formats 7. Output Files and Formats 8. Association Analysis 9. Data Summaries 10. Permutations 11. Integrated Haplotype Score (iHS) Selection Scan 12. Note on Imputated Data

XX. FAQ & Hints



WHAMM was developed by Benjamin F. Voight, with input and contributions from many others.
  • Mark Daly: Advisor, overseer, enthusiastic supporter, and generally great idea generator
  • Ben Neale, Julian Maller, and Jenni Lowe: Application of unphased data machinery to real data (Kosrae)
  • Shaun Purcell: Plink developer and provided website code which I shamelessly adapted for my own use
  • Leena Palotenen and the folks at the Northern Finnish Birth Cohort: For the use of data and general enthusiastic encouragement
  • Chris Cotsapas: Early alpha-level testing.

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